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Current: Richmond’s River Publicity


Outside magazine, an outdoor sporting and fitness magazine, held a competition this year to determine the “Best River Town” in America and the city of Richmond took the title. White water rapids, mountain biking and running trails, swimming, rock hoping, marathons and events, such as Dominion’s Riverrock, nudged Richmond ahead of cities such as Asheville, NC, Hood River, OR, Milwaukee, WI, and Nashville, TN.

The accolade is a welcome piece of publicity for the city as well as an acknowledgment of the James’ turnaround in the past decades. With the implementation of the River Front Plan beginning, perhaps Richmond can sustain this momentum and enter the national consciousness as a city with exemplary outdoor resources.

Some are taking this announcement as an opportunity to point out some of the city’s various problems and challenges. While our built environment might be lagging behind our outdoor amenities, the exposure serves to encourage progress in all areas, whether it be schools, density, transportation, or culture. After all, the best way to end a day at the river is to get out and walk into a vibrant, revitalized city.

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