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Edwin Slipek

After studying at Boston University and Virginia Commonwealth University, Edwin Slipek remained in his home town to study its past. Slipek was formerly architecture critic for the Richmond Mercury and senior contributing editor at Style Weekly. He currently contributes to Richmond BizSense and serves as an adjunct professor of architectural history at VCU. For his writing and teaching, Slipek was awarded Honorary Membership in the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects.

Don O'Keefe

Don O'Keefe was born and raised in Southside Richmond. He has worked in design firms in the US and Japan, and has contributed to the Architectural Review, the Japan Times, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and other publications. He is currently an architect with Gluck+ in New York City. He has taught as an assistant professor of architecture at Keio University in Tokyo and a teaching and research associate at Harvard University. He is a member of the American Planning Association and the National Books Critics Circle. O'Keefe holds a Master in Architecture degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a bachelor's from the Department of Urban and Regional Studies and Planning at Virginia Commonwealth University and is a registered architect in the Commonwealth of Virginia.



Robert P. Winthrop

Robert P. Winthrop is a regular contributor to ArchitectureRichmond, writing the Architects of Richmond and Architectural Ancestry columns. He is a partner at Winthrop, Jenkins, and Associates, a Virginia based architecture firm specializing in historic renovation. Historic buildings have also been his focus in numerous writings and lectures. As author of The Architecture of Jackson Ward, Cast and Wrought: The Architectural Metalwork of Downtown Richmond, Virginia, and Architecture in Downtown Richmond, Winthrop has established himself as an authority on the city’s architectural history.

Mario Accordino

A contributor and editor emeritus, Mario Accordino co-founded ArchitectureRichmond with Edwin Slipek and Don O'Keefe. Born in Richmond, he worked for local firms and organizations including Johannas Design Group, H&G Landscape Architects, the Virginia Center for Architecture, and Virginia Supportive Housing. He is a registered landscape architect in the state of California, where he has worked for Tom Leader Studio and Andrea Cochran Landscape Architects, among other firms. His Richmond residence is in Byrd Park, and his favorite building in the city is the Hand Craft Cleaners in Scott’s Addition.


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