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Welcome to the new ArchitectureRichmond. The launch of this website is the start of a new chapter for ArchitectureRichmond and would not have happened without a lot of help.

First, we would like to acknowledge Beyang Shi, Qian Chen, and Ian Stanford, our talented and patient web designers and programmer, respectively. We would also like to thank Brady Myers for his advice and assistance. Most importantly, we would like to thank the readers, friends, and family of ArchitectureRichmond for their support over the years and their generosity in our recent Kickstarter campaign. Thank you.

We have been working hard to bring a number of new features to you in this website. The architectural inventory, the encyclopedia of Richmond’s built environment which has always been the heart of the site, has been greatly improved. You can now scroll through some 100 notable buildings and spaces in the city with thumbnail images and key facts. You can also use powerful new search tools to sort entries by date, material, style, and location. These same search tools can be used in our brand new maps page. Here, you can see our inventory entries mapped across the city and even sort your results by neighborhood. We think this will be great way to explore the city’s varied neighborhoods for newcomers and long time residents alike.

The redesigned homepage makes it easy to navigate through the site and, for the first time, allows us to feature articles of special editorial interest. Finally, the new site, including the maps page, has been optimized for smartphones making it easy to learn about the city’s architecture and history while out and about.

Our new site will also be home to new content, both from our regular contributors and some new faces. Over the next few months, we will continue to build on the ever-growing inventory while adding new series articles, fresh features, architectural walking tours, and more. All of these improvements were made to solidify ArchitectureRichmond’s role as a center of Richmond’s architecture and design discourse.

We hope you are as excited for this next phase of ArchitectureRichmond as we are. Please check in often, comment, and share your feedback. Again, thank you for your support and your interest.



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