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Portfolio: Under Construction II

A year later, we check back on some of the projects profiled in the first edition of Under Construction to see how they have progressed. New additions are included in this photo series as well, covering a range of building types and locations. Some chaos is settling, some is just beginning. M.F.A. Photographs by author

Portfolio: Modernism of Willow Lawn

Willow Lawn Shopping Center opened in Richmond’s Near West End in 1956. The development was a new frontier in the city, giving concrete form to the postwar American Dream of middle class suburbanity. In the mall’s periphery a new type of suburban landscape was being developed. Offices, hotels, and apartments were created, replicating the economic …

Portfolio: Under Construction

Originally Posted on January 4th, 2014. After a slow period during the late aughts, Richmond is building again. Whether through private investments catching the wave of residential development in the city’s center, VCU’s seemingly endless expansion or the city’s own public works projects, it is a pleasure to see cranes mingling with buildings in Richmond. …